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  1. Spey Kings, and Trophy Rainbows!

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    Glad you got back in : )
    Thank you my friend! Ill keep everyone posted with pictures and stories from the SC AK bush, north of Skwentna!
  2. Chronicles from the Barn.

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    so this is just a rambling of sorts. I have had a lot of deaths in the family the last 4 months, and it has kind wore me down. I don't like to bring that sht into my social/personal life, but it creeps in unfortunately. Anyhoo. My grandma passed away a few days ago, but i had to last minute ditch on a couple friends(sorry you guys.) And leave to just sign a few pieces of paper. I got back into town, and met with one of my closest friends. She told me what I needed to hear I guess. I took the last