• Waist Pack Support Idea

    I use a lot of waist packs because I don't carry a lot of gear most days fishing. My spinner box however is still the heavy beast it is. Add water, phone, knife, and a few other items and your waist pack starts to sag and become more difficult to wear in comfort. This wasn't an issue with fly gear but the heavy lures and other items I'M carrying now to cover and fish a lot of ground in a day was wearing my back and posture out after just a few hours. The pack is either pulling at your waist, riding your hip bone, or sliding down while your walking and taking everything else with it! I got the idea one day to try and find a good solid new pack with several attachment points and then build or buy a proper harness for it so that the back couldn't sag or fall. I found several packs already on the market with harnesses but most were made for hunting applications and had way to much cubic space and very heavy waist straps. Other packs were made for fly fishing and chest applications but I didn't want the gear in front of me while trying to work spinners all day. I simply did not need a huge heavy hunting pack so back to the drawing board to make what I wanted. One of the packs I came across at Cabela's looked promising because it had several points that a harness could be added and the cubic space was just about right for the few heavy items I might be carrying. The harness was next, I looked at harnesses all over the web for many different applications but the one that kept coming up on Ebay was for disk golf bags by Dynamic Disks and was less money than the pack I ordered. Looked about perfect for the way the pack was set up. Waited less than a week before both items came in. The first thing I did was string in the fish rope. I carry a few of these in my car that I can replace if one is loaned or used. I put in all the items I would need to carry and put the pack on. "gasp" *sag* Yea, it sagged right away so I knew that no matter what I was going to need to harness this pack. I added the Dynamic Disks disk golf strap at the contacts points and adjusted a few things. It was a little stiff at first but after a little break in time everything was perfect. I could hardly feel the pack at all and what pressure there was seemed to be at my shoulders and not my lower back. I took everything out on the water for an afternoon to fish and test and adjust everything before I made any final modifications.

    You will need to find a pack with several contact points to attach items such as straps for the harness to work. This one has 4 points I could use on one side and three on the other side. The back straps of the harness will attach to the main chest strap spots and the front side straps will hook to the lower part of the pack. This will help to balance everything out and keep the pack from falling away from you.

    Make sure to keep all of your heavy items in the area closest to your back so that the weight is supported by the harness. Lighter items can go in the forward areas. I also keep a foam "fly" plate in the outer most compartment to dry the spinners I use as I go. This keeps the moisture from inside the lure body out of your spinner box until they dry. This also keeps your days lures handy for switching up as you need them. lightweight items such as tissues, floats, license can go here as well. I couldn't be happier at how well this worked out. I am sharing the idea because it worked for me and the cost was reasonable at around 60 bucks, the same as other offered hunting packs. This is a smaller set up that isn't bulky on my small frame. The comfort of this system actually improves my ability to stay focused and moving and fishing much longer now ><,>

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