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    In general the articles I write are mostly about fish and fishing for them but what about the people we fish with. So many years have gone by that I often forget how long our community has been here and how many people have come and gone. So many that the past faces just seem like a blur of monikers in a deeply tangled birds nest. Of the time, so many chapters have gone by as well. Many of the people I know and fish with today I met here on NWFI "formerly SSSF" and have become the best fishing friends I could ask for, no matter how few. I am no longer a person who seeks popularity or "hot shot fish guy Facebook kudos" although there was a time when that might have been me. Coming out of the long term hind sight of all of those years I realize that not only was this all an amazing fishing experience but also an amazing social experience as well, some good some bad. I have grown much older and more experienced now and I can see what this was all for very clearly. The original intent was all wrong but where we ended up was the most rewarding thing we could never have expected. Many friendships carved in a common interest that would last for many years to come. Something that mattered to us.

    A few of our long time admins and myself got together for a day at the coast. Hopeful about the fishing prospects, we mostly found ourselves chatting and reflecting about the many chapters that SSSF/NWFI has gone through, and of course a bit about our lives as they are now. I admit much of what happened with SSSF is all still a big blur to me that came at me so fast I didn't know what to do with it. Kind of like that young rock star that is cast to stardom but clearly wasn't ready for it. I never thought I would be called a rock star of fishing but now many years later that is what some say about those times. I did those videos long before the GoPro Youtube revolution that seemingly took the wind out of anything uncommon and special in fishing video. While we might have backed away from the video aspect of the community at that point "2010" we always held tight to the forum itself. Eight years later we are still here and we are as loyal as we always were. We have graduated or forgone the need to become commercial product pushing poster children with sponsor's to a grass roots grandfathered loyalist to the black sheep type community now that is run entirely on donations from our cherished and well regarded members. The learning never stopped, just the bull**** that stopped. With nothing left to prove we have become a community that can kindly and calmly sit back and enjoy each others company and conversations, and occasionally meet up on the water. The best kind of community ever!

    Did I mention about the fishing? Ohh well there was no fish, just good company and a good time. We arrived around low slack and fished hard into the surf and wind until the high slack later that afternoon. Fishing was so poor that in fact we saw no fish caught by others. We did however see a couple of happy sea lions that were clearly on top of the salmon that we were not catching. Aside from a little wind the day couldn't have been more nice. My face caught a hell of a sunburn as Ken pointed out even with my gator up most of the day and I saw a beautiful steelhead swim right by my feet in about 6" of water. We left the beach after a good long effort and continued to reflect upon our history and meaning. Does a good day on the water always need to end with a fish story? No it does not. There are some of us that feel fishing is the idea, catching is a bonus. While the day might end with only fond new memories and photos of a beach, a great overall reflection of where we all came from and where we all want to go was the accomplishment. There would be no fish stories this afternoon.

    Well that's not entirely true. While the main goal of throwing spinners on the incoming tide someplace near an ocean failed to produce results, I am always big on back up plans and suggested that we make a run for another well known salmon haunt and fish out the last 2 hours of the day. The most hopeful sign yet, rolling fish were apparent the moment we arrived at the secondary location. Three fish were hooked between us in the short span of remaining light. At that point a fish story became inevitable. Still though I prefer to consider this success as secondary to the good time and company so I will skip it this time around. The ending of this story would have been just as happy for me even if not for that brief moment of last minute luck ><,>

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