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    Here is a nice list of preferred temps for most of the species fished in the northwest. Click the link for full list.


    How does this help me>? Preferred water temp for carp is "CARP, COMMON 79-84"

    Current Willamette temps in Portland are 62. This helps me to understand why they are no longer biting good like they were a few weeks ago. So for another example, say you want to fish catfish on Sauvie Island in the spring. It just opens in the spring but its been cold and the temps are still low. You go there and the bite is slow on your best baits, even near dark. One could determine that the fish are not there but the reality is that "they are there" just not biting. So then I would watch the temps and when the water warms "CATFISH, CHANNEL 70-87" I would jump on it fast. My carp fishing season appears to be close to over now. I could sit there and scratch one out now and then still but the "good" bite has faded a bit since August. You can find current water temps on the internet and often at the same tide related sites I used to find the days tide.
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