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Chronicles from the Barn.

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so this is just a rambling of sorts. I have had a lot of deaths in the family the last 4 months, and it has kind wore me down. I don't like to bring that sht into my social/personal life, but it creeps in unfortunately. Anyhoo. My grandma passed away a few days ago, but i had to last minute ditch on a couple friends(sorry you guys.) And leave to just sign a few pieces of paper. I got back into town, and met with one of my closest friends. She told me what I needed to hear I guess. I took the last three days, and just did my own thing.
Got basically skunked on my favorite, wild steelhead stream with my good friend dan. We did two sections and had two really good chances at putting hands to tails. First Dan missed a solid bobber, GONE! But came back with nuthin! Saw the spoon take of the century. Corked an XMG and strippin line... nothin in the end to touch in that stretch. Next, fished lower in the system, and locked up a nice buck on a ridicolous spinner. Lost that fish to faulty equipment. Hook bent straight out. That's watcha get tieing hardware to braid I guess... so had a good, get the sht off my chest day with my buddy Dan, but produced no fish from the bank. Boat was a differnt story, but that's another story all together...anyhoo, got out today, solo. Too bad. I felt like dan and I got the "hi-fin" from the fish on the last couple bank trips, so I was already feeling kinda down.
But I locked up this gorgeous, honest 8, 9 pound wild hen third cast into a hole right above the private property I go into. Burned me down to the top slot! Got to finally see my backing again! I was effin amped. High water calls for safety, so I just let 'er rip as I slowly made my way down to her. There is one set of overhangin timber that could screw me in the future, but I'm done runnin 8lb. Leader for steelhead in moderate flows anyways. I need 12! Epic fight. Slid her up a few times, and she ripped back into the current. Dipped that rod tip, stripped her in, slid her into hand. F yea!
Purtty lil fish. Almost feels like the "heaviness" is lifting after today...

Steelhead Stalkers UV Yarn was the ticket today. My good 'ol "Jane Fonda" doin her thang to trick fish.

Got into a pretty tired wild buck but my camera phone was all fogged up, so no picture. Nice lookin fish tho, gettin that green, and a big red stripe. But dam close to 12 or 13 pounds. Big shoulders.

Hooked a couple more fish but fumbled them at the bank, or around rocks. Last cast thru the top slot on my way out produced a nice, chrome hen tho. Kicked a couple of the important fish back, so felt pretty good about that, but I did harvest a beautiful little, hatchery marked lady fish. Tight eggs, red meat. Excellente!
This is normally why I shouldn't bring my cell phone on fishin outings... the fog! Hahaha!

So all in all a good couple days, but just thought id let the last of my angst creep into my social life... not tryin to sob about it, just tryin to move on. Thanks all. See you on the water!

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