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Coming on Wednesday, a 'tuesdays with Ryan' report!

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We started the day at the same run I got my fish at last week, Ed decided to bust out the fly rod and give it a go, it didn't take him too long to hook up, the first one he had on just long enough to know it was a steelhead and then it was gone. The next one came less than an hour later, he hooked this one and it was a full on FISH ON! then after a few seconds it was gone, when he reeled up and checked his hook the hook broke at the shank! Man what a bummer that one was, it was pretty impressive that he got 2 hook ups that quick on a fly I thought though.
I hooked up a little while later, just briefly, right in front of me and the fish went airborne at eye level and spit the hook, it was still pretty cool to see that fish jump like that! The next fish I hooked I stuck and it was a nice 10-11lb wild fish, and from that point I figured my day was all smooth sailing from there on. I ended up hooking one more fish later that day, this fish went on a run like I've never felt before it ended up almost on the other side of the river, then it came back to my side and I was trying to work it back upstream and it was just gone, I was so damn pi$$ed off about that, because I knew that the big one got away and I never even got to see it. After that we hiked into another spot Ed hooked up in a few minutes with a spinner and got that one to shore, it was getting close to the end of the day so he decided to bonk it, it can be pretty difficult to carry one around all day if you get one early in the day so Ed lucked out with that one!

Ed with a fish on!

Ed with his fish at the end of the day

So I went out today also, I hooked one nice fish an hour or two after we got there and let Natalia fight the fish, she did a great job as usual and we landed it and shot a quick pic and cut it loose. Later I hooked another fish as soon as I hooked it I knew it was larger than normal, and then it went on a huge run down stream and almost spooled me I chased it like a mad man and it kept taking line I finally got a decent amount of line back on my reel and it took off again and almost spooled me again, I started working the fish in after an in close battle I landed the fish, it definitely made up for the fish I lost yesterday, it's a new personal best, and by far the meanest fish I've ever hooked!

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