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Troutier bassier

Days on the creek.

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Thanks to Artic, I'm now wielding a 8wt lamistick fly rod!

I made the grand trip to uhh 'bug creek' on the coast in search of fish, I found them, I hooked them, but I didn't land them.
Hoping to make another trip if weather permits this weekend!

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  1. Arctic's Avatar
    Nice gear you have there dude!
    Glad you found some fish too! Hope I can get out there this Sunday!
    And that double egg pattern you have rigged up... Bitter! that's a good one for that place right now!
  2. Bohemian's Avatar
    Great photo! I'm jealous of those boxes!
  3. Chinook Winterwolf's Avatar
    Toooo many corkies, not enough trout beads or glow bugs. I am seriouse George!
  4. Troutier bassier's Avatar
    Excuse me, but I tied around 20 glo bugs with SS UV Yarn a few nights ago. Kept them in a little tackle box in my pocket, then it fell out.
    so if anyone finds a small brown double sided tackle box with a ton of glo bugs and some wooly buggers in it at Big Creek, please PM me.
  5. steelhead_stalkers's Avatar
    Let me know what three colors you use the most and I will send out a package of each to ya. Its not fair you tied them up but did not get to use them. PM me your address.
  6. steelhead_stalkers's Avatar
    Yarn sent! Good luck!