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Small Stream Salmon Fishing Forum General Rules and Etiquette
SSSF = Small Stream Salmon Fishing's owners, administrators and moderators

Forum Membership

Anyone can join! Anyone can view and read some of the SSSF forum threads and read posts. Certain privileges are only available to registered members. These privileges include viewing certain report forums, private messaging and posting. You MUST register before you can post to the board. Only registered members can participate in SSSF forum contests regardless of which affiliate is sponsoring the contest. There is no charge for registration to the SSSF board. This is a PG rated family site.


We, the administrators and moderators of SSSF forum try our best to keep all unacceptable messages and questionable content off of this forum. However, it may not be possible for our moderators to review all messages posted to the board. It must be noted that all messages posted express the views of the author or poster and may not be the views of SSSF in general or SSSF administrators or moderators. SSSF will not guarantee the accuracy of the content of any post. SSSF shall not be held responsible for the content of any message posted by other than owners. In general SSSF will remain neutral in view and towards the authors post unless a violation of stated conduct rules occurs. SSSF reserves the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread at any time for reasons based on forum rules.

Children on Board PG 13
The SSSF site is maintained at a PG 13 [parental guidance age 13] level. Most inappropriate words have been added to our censored list. Example: a censored word with 4 letters would read as **** when posted. In most cases moderation action does not occur for censored words spoken in forum unless the author’s intent is clearly uncomfortable to others or hostile in general. All media released by Pacific Ghost Productions and Golden Stone Web Design such as web sites or fishing videos will have inappropriate words censored as well. As with any proper parenting, we suggest parental guidance if you are concerned about use of this site by your children.

Rules and Regulations

As a registered member of SSSF you affirm that you will agree and adhere to the following rules and regulations set in place by the SSSF forum administrators.
SSSF reserves the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread at any time for reasons based on forum rules.

Please Report Violations You see
You can report violations to forum rules by clicking the red colored "/!\" alert triangle at the bottom of every post. This will help us provide a cleaner viewing experience for all ages.

Pornography Instant Ban!
ANY pornographic or sexually oriented materials or media will be removed and a permanent ban will be placed on user responsible for the post. No sexually oriented content is allowed at any time ever within the SSSF network. This is a PG 13 rated family site.

Obscene or Threatening Posts
You will not post any messages that are vulgar, obscene, racist, sexually orientated, hateful, threatening, or in violation of any laws of any North American country.

Rude or Insulting Posts
While debating during discussion is allowed, SSSF will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks, threats or purposeless inflammatory posts.

Religion [Non Biased Site]
SSSF is not a religion based site or community. SSSF will remain non-biased in all such religious affairs. Although we are not a religion based site SSSF will not tolerate any religious slander or bashing of any kind. Any such conduct will be viewed as racist and moderated accordingly.

Board/Forum Bashing and Complaints [Other Local Boards]
SSSF will not tolerate bashing of other owned local northwest fishing boards or forums. Every forum site has its own set of rules and it is the people’s choice to join and participate in a community that best fits their needs. You are not obligated to stay within a community that is not fitting. If you have been ban from another community we would rather you not discuss your dislike for that community while visiting the SSSF forum, it is your problem. SSSF will always maintain a professional courtesy with other board owner’s. Respectfully we will assume the same from other board owners in return.

Advertising and Sales on Forum

Direct Advertising [Advertising on SSSF is Contract Based]
Direct advertising on the SSSF board is not allowed! Contact SSSF forum administrator for information on becoming an advertising sponsor. SSSF will be the soul arbitrator in deciding what is and what is not considered direct advertising. Avoid photos with company logos that could be deemed by moderators to be a plug or add for a company shown. Direct advertising by a person that is not shown to be associated with a company but is representing or promoting for a company is not allowed.

Advertising and Spamming Posts
Advertising and spamming is not allowed in posts. This also includes using the forum email and private message system to spam or advertise to other members. SSSF does not allow members to post threads or to send private messages or emails to users that advertise, promote or solicit any products, services or other sales oriented websites. Explicit advertising in signatures is also prohibited. It is only allowable if the product or service is discussed as a direct answer to a previous post.

Advertising with photos
Avoid photos with company logos that could be deemed by moderators as a plug or add for a service, business or company shown. Direct advertising on the SSSF board is NOT allowed! Contact SSSF system administrator for information on becoming an advertising sponsor if you would like to present your web site and photos on the SSSF board or web domains. SSSF will be the soul arbitrator in deciding what is and what is not considered direct advertising. Please try to conceal your business logos if you post photos that could be deemed by SSSF administrators and moderators as direct advertising. Example: Photos of you, your friends or clients with limits of fish next to a drift boat with your service or business logo.

Advertising with Video
Avoid posting videos that are sales oriented such as promos videos or product info videos. Videos with web address included leading to a sales oriented site are not allowed. Video sponsorship is available.


URL’s in Signatures and Posts
Linking to a commercial product, service, membership or sales site is not allowed. You must be very careful when including URL’s or links in posts. SSSF is a sponsorship contract based site. URL's that lead to sales or membership interests of any kind are not allowed unless an agreement with the SSSF system administrator is made based on a contracted agreement. Posts that are an obvious spam or attempt to direct members to another website for the purpose of memberships, sales or services will be immediately deleted with or without notification. You are however allowed to add a signature link to your personal web site as long as it is a non business or service site. Example- MySpace pages, flickr or 3rd party photo galleries, non-company blogs.

URL’s in User ID
You may not include a URL address and/or company name as part of your User ID. .com, .net, or other web extensions may not be included. Example:,, or CompanyName are not acceptable User IDs.

Not Linked Web Site Address Text in Signatures
Not linked web address text is NOT allowed in your signature. We consider this as direct advertising since copy and paste is a simple operation for most users.

Promotional Text in Signatures
Your Company name or association are allowed if within 2 lines of text but a link to your site is only allowed if contracted with SSSF system administration.

Only One Login Account
Each member is allowed one login account. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed. Multiple accounts with the same IP address will be investigated. If you have been ban by SSSF staff we will not accept a new account registration from ban user.

Image Posting Size Limits
Members shall not link to any images inside their message post that are wider than 800pxls. Oversize images will be deleted without notification.
Members may attach images to posts that are no larger than 620pxls x 280pxls with a total size no larger than 19.5kb. Valid file extensions are bmp doc gif  jpeg jpg pdf  png psd txt zip


The above rules and regulations cover most common situations, however, they cannot anticipate every situation. SSSF [Small Stream Salmon Fishing's owners, administration and moderators] reserves the right to take any actions it feels is appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way.

The SSSF staff shall be the sole arbitrator of what is or is not a violation or breach of forum rules, standards and regulations. SSSF reserves the right to remove unacceptable posts without notice. SSSF also reserve the right to ban any member who willfully violates the forum rules. Each potential violation will be dealt with and finalized on a case-by-case basis. The decisions and rulings of SSSF administration are final.
It is important to remember that a website or web board with a vested interest are the property and entity of an owner or owner's and although the site may be public much like a store, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime and for that reason. This site [SSSF forum] is an owned vested interest site and is there by privately owned but is open for public use. We do agree that it is the worldwide web however this site is owned and vested by Pacific Ghost Productions.
By registering and posting to this website you agree to these rules and conditions of registration and use.

The above rules and regulations are subject to change without notice.

Terms and Conditions of Use

Pacific Ghost Productions, Golden Stone Web Design and owners are granted full copyrights, royalties, permissions and full permanent irrevocable use of all text, media and materials posted or submitted to this site. Submission of media and materials copyright to someone other than person submitting is not allowed. Pacific Ghost Productions, Golden Stone Web Design, owners, advertisers, administrators and moderators are not responsible, liable or accountable for physical damage or personal problems that occur while visiting our sites.

By using this site you agree in full that Pacific Ghost Productions, Small Stream Salmon Fishing, Golden Stone Web Design,, owners, affiliates, advertisers, administrators and moderators are not and cannot be held liable or accountable for any and all claims and liabilities (including attorneys fees) which may arise from your submissions or from unauthorized use of this site or materials from this site by you. We reserve the right to change or add to portions of these terms at any time.
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