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Thread: ever use diver with pink worm?

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    Default ever use diver with pink worm?

    Planning a float trip just shy of x-mas day on the Sandy, and was thinking of tying one of these up to either use when on the anchor or just slowly backtrollin through a hole.

    Any tips or suggestions?

    Thanks and tight lines!
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    never done it myself. but I have heard of it being done with great success on the Sandy. Seems like they would wiggle pretty seductively in the current.

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    I have heard about that and will be trying it for the native winter run. Since I don't have a boat, I was going to run a side planer and diver+worm rig. I can immagine a waky rigged pink worm being very productive. Hey, you'll never know until you try it.

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    RollinontheRvr Guest

    Default I have heard...

    Paul and I were talking one time and he was saying that either he tried it or knows someone that tried it. I guess the results were quite successful. Personally, I have not tried it myself but I will be floating the Sandy from Oxbow down to Dabney on Sunday after next and I may give it a try then. If I do I will post back and give up the results.
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    Tried it once due to a friend not wanting to use divers and bait, the "wacky style" caused it to wiggle, spin and cause lots of tangles, next trip we went back to bait. maybe rigging it differently might make a difference.

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    Maybe this would call for a quality ball bearing swivel and a stiff leader, something likee CXX to augment the action of the worm.

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    Ed Fast Guest


    I've done it and it works.

    As with other methods, it doesn't work much better than others, but is a good change up and can be something different for the fish to see. That's one of those things I forget to try sometimes and every once in a while will bust it out. Don Schneider used to do it alot, I remember, with the Walleye prop thingies in front of the worms. They are like long birdie drifters with bigger 'wings'.

    Try putting a smile blade or similar 'wiggling' device ahead of a floating worm or a wobble glo (the flat fronted corky with the off center hole that 'wobbles' when under tension) in front of a neutral floating worm. I used to use small spin n glos with a double hook set up and it seemed to do o.k.

    Please keep in mind, I am no expert with this method and have not spent nearly enough time with it to know which method is better than others, etc.

    Hope that helps



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