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Thread: Another Yarnie How to (pic heavy)

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    Default Another Yarnie How to (pic heavy)

    Here is how I do a yarnie that leaves the egg loop available for bait (eggs,shrimp, ez eggs).

    These are a little more work than some, but they do look and fish nice.

    Start by tying an egg loop with the tag end that would normally hang down the shank of the hook, looped back through the eye of the hook.

    Next tie your egg loop just like you normally would on top of the "loop"

    Now finish your egg loop but do not pull the "tag loop" tight.

    Next cut 5-7 pieces of Mcfly Foam in 1" strips.

    Center the yarn strands in the tag loop

    Pull the tag loop as tight as you can to secure the yarn

    Now push the yarn to the top of the hook shank and grasp between your thumb and middle finger

    Next use your thumbnail as a template and cut the yarn. The key is to use a really sharp scissors and try to make the cut in one snip.

    You should be holding a little bit of yarn that looks like this

    Now roll the yarn between your fingers to fluff and round it.

    The last step is to trim any loose threads or any bits that are out of round and now your done.

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    TOS, very nice tutorial! and a mighty tasty looking yarnie too! Thanks for taking the time to share this.

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    Nice. I do my glo-bugs by using 4 pieces directly to the hook. Two on top and two on the bottom.

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    Thanks for taking the time on this Chris! Seems a very popular fish catcher this year : ) Mind if I promote this to article?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chinook SSSF View Post
    Thanks for taking the time on this Chris! Seems a very popular fish catcher this year : ) Mind if I promote this to article?

    I did want to edit that 1 pic that mysteriously resized itself, but I cant seem to edit my post? I will pm the link to you and maybe you could edit it for me?


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    I can see the edit button, but nothing happens when I click it. I have not edited this post, but I have been able to edit posts in the past. I just tried again and still a no go for editing. I will try again later just to see if it is working and let you know.

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    That's the same way I tie mine and I think it works great. The only thing I do different is I cut my yarn shorter. I noticed that if I cut my strips of glo-bug yarn about 5/8th of an inch I can skip all the steps of trimming the yard.

    Instead I just slide it in there, cinch the loop tight, then clip the front tag and "roll" the yanrnie around in my fingers and puff it up.

    I'll tie about 15 leaders at a time first, then do the yarnie part second. It makes the whole process go fast.

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    Thats the way I've been tying em also.

    I remember when I first started tying, my globugs/yarnies, were great and the stayed secure on the hook. Now I can't tie worth it.

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    I would eat it, Thanks for the post!

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    Default Me to...

    I tie mine that way to, I have not got a fish on one yet but I hope to in 2 Days Man, 2 days... Oh and a wake up.
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