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Thread: Another Yarnie How to (pic heavy)

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    Thats the way i tie mine also easy,fast.Thanks
    I wish too fish everyday

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    I was asking earlier has anyone figured out how the yarnie and eggs were put together in the pic in the Dec issue of salomon trout steeheader.... on pg 31 in the article about drift walking? is it just the puff ball holding the eggs on or is the double loop tyed differant so as to use the bottom loop over and over which would be great....

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    I just read the article an no where does it say how he hooked up his puff ball. I have never used them myself but I do know that everything I have read or heard about is to put the puff ball over the point of the hook after baiting with eggs so that it is below the eggs adding to the bouyancy of your presentation. One thing to keep in mind is that one mans yarnie is another mans yarn thru the egg loop. I will pull back my egg loop and tie in some yarn for color and for teeth grabbing ability.

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    It looks to me that they some how get the eggs under the yarn? I am just wondering how they keep the eggs in place? The puff ball would not be enough to hold the eggs on if they were only running them through the hook. I make mine with the double loop method and put the yarnie in the lower loop which leaves the upper loop free as I have been taught to make them... this keeps the yarn very snugg... only know room for eggs below...

    Thanks for your help, maybe someone will know or the author's will respond....

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    Put the eggs and the yarn in together under the egg loop. Done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spade View Post
    Put the eggs and the yarn in together under the egg loop. Done.
    Done this way the yarn can help keep the line from cutting through the egg membrane if you didn't make the loop big enough.

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    Easy, and simple... hook your small egg bait a few times, then slide them up to the curve in the hook. From there, get them into the baitloop. You can add yarn here, or just thread a puff ball down the line. But I just like to slide a couple pieces in with the eggs when I cinch down the baitloop, around my eggs.
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