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Thread: Alaska this summer-Coffman Cove -POW Island

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    Default Alaska this summer-Coffman Cove -POW Island

    Ok, I see no one has posted in the Alaska/ Canada forum lately so I thought I would. I'm headed to Coffman Cove this summer to fish the salt and am trying to gather as much info as I can on what to bring for fishing for Hali's and bottomfish. I got the Coho thing pretty well figured out What kind of rigging do you guys suggest as far as hooks, leader, line wt.? We got heavy and med rods and don't really care to go after the 100+lb. class fish but would rather prefer limits of tasty chickens as far as halibut go and any info you got to catch any kind of bottom fish would be helpful. All info is greatly appreciated!


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    Heavy rods and heavy drags. When I halibut fish out of newport with a 330 size reel, the first thing I do is crank the drag down to max. I'm fishing for meat, not fun. 80# braid and we always run a double hook/bait rig with the canon ball on the bottom. If you need a heavy stick, I've got one you can borrow, but it's due for new braid.

    Other than that, maybe follow this guy?

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    That's a big fish!

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    I don't think I'll have 7 guys to help me drag something like that over the side of my 17' boat. Might have to tow it back like Jaws

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spade View Post
    That's a big fish!
    They must have been targeting the big boys, look at the size of bobbers they were using!

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    That's a big fish.


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