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Thread: Another way to rig sand shrimp

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    Default Another way to rig sand shrimp

    This is for basic drift fishing.

    I run half a shrimp if they are big and whole if small. I usually use single octopus hooks, but doubles for the times I am running whole, big shrimp. These pictures happen to be with nymph style fly hooks so that the hook point is farther back. Either way works fine. Here you go:
    First, make sure you have your knot tied way back at the bend of the hook:

    place the hook through and out the carapace:

    Wrap the loop around the tail and slide your yarn or netting down to hold it in place:

    for big shrimp, use half:

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks Ed
    Looks like some good info

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    TTT Any thoughts or response on this one? I have not tried this yet : )

    Again Thanks for your time Ed : )
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    Looks yummy but I haven't tried it either, I tend to not use bait unless i'm with a guide.

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    I used to rig mine similar to that. I would run the hook through the tail a couple times and then out the head and put a half hitch on the tail. It would hold the shrimp out nice and straight but they wouldn't last but a few casts. Now I'm rigging them according to Matts video and it's working very well for me.

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    Looks like another fun trick people can use this winter chasing chrome! Thanks again ed!

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