We do very much apoligize for any delays in getting registered with SSSF. We also apologize for any trouble you may be having with our community and forums features.

What happened?

We have been having a small cyber battle with a malicous scripter from Russia. This has been a very active summer for malware and malicous scripts all over the web. Web forums are reporting massive cyber attacks to most any type of outdated blog software or forum platform that is not protected well internaly. Our friend from Russia entered through an outdated "Wordpress" folder and injected a script into any file named index.

Our forum has since been rebuilt from the ground up and updated virus protection for the server has been installed. An alert team now cleans and reports all injections to us.

We urg you to take a few minutes and update your virus protection to protect yourself from these variouse threats floating around the web this summer. Keep any blog software you may have up to date and install any upgrades now. If you have a server, remove any unused outdated software. Malware scripts can transfer from server to PC to server and so on, yes just like a real virus

Use the links below to download free updated anti virus protection for your PC, laptop or server. Some can be run online with no download. Please note that McAfee and Norton WILL NOT find all of the new malware scripts on your hard drive EVEN IF UPDATED so make sure you use at least one or more of these links below to clear your drives.

Free updated anti virus software links!

Best wishes and if any quesyions, feel free to ask them here (*_*)