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    This is a lot of great information

    Vise Reviews

    I'm really drooling over a Nor-Vise but, for now, I'm going to work with what I have.

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    I wouldn't buy the Nor-Vise...they cost too damn much. There are plenty of other options which preform just as well: Renzetti, HMH, Regal, Thompson, and other will all preform under production demands. A fncy vice will only take your tieing so far...I started my tackle business using a vice that cost $40.

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    Cost is holding me back.

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    Bench Vise
    You can use it like most people just to straighten out nails, but in fact it can be used to set up the perfect angle on sheets of metal when working on your car. With a little bit of knowledge about welding you can replace entire panels with just a vise and a bit of smart bending. For the most important thing about a vise is the quality of the metal that has been use in its manufacture.

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    Many fly-tying tools are personal choices, and none more so than a vise. Before making a purchase, you should test as many as you can. You can read more about Fly Tying Vise. read this topic


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