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Thread: Happy New Year! from SSSF Staff!

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    Thumbs up Happy New Year! from SSSF Staff!

    Happy New Year! from the SSSF Staff

    Thank you for all the support that made SSSF the best place to learn Northwest fishing in 2010!

    Ready for a new year?

    My father used to say "if it aint broke, dont fix it" With that in mind we will try our best not to change to much for 2011. You may note a few small changes as the new year unfolds. New ranks, custom titles, new main banner and maybe a few more small changes.

    Most notably, have you noticed we have added a new chat room? In the coming year and beyond we will be using this chat room for scheduled events to include speaking with top guides and local tackle makers about fishing and the rivers you want to learn about. SSSF has many talented anglers and gracious sponsor members that are not affraid the share something they know about fishing. Info on events will be available well in advance. You will need to be an SSSF community member to attend these chat events.

    We will also be adding more contests to the forum this year as we have been offered gracious donations of both bait, tackle. These are top U.S. made products that the best anglers in the community are using now to catch more fish! I recently had a pile of colorful rubber steelhead worms come across my table from a local manu who will be joining us in 2011 that about blew me outta my seat! I say this because this gentalmen is a pro worm maker and he is likely to change the way we think when we think about a pink worm, or how bout a steelhead worm thats not pink? Just wait and see what my new friend Rusty has in store for us (*_*) Web site coming soon..

    Chinook's personal highlights from 2010

    This has been a year of photos! My goodness we saw a lot of great photos this year. Keep them coming please! We heard a lot of stories about people who came to SSSF looking for an edge and found it. Great joy for me and for the SSSF staff. There is nothing more rewarding to us than knowing that someone came to SSSF and learned to catch fish and then show us the photos. How many times have we seen this now? Join and find out (*_*) Much of our best info and tips are on our members only forum.

    Our group dinners and float trips continue to be the highlight of the year for the community although our Fall trip this year was interupted by Mother Nature. We will be scheduling 2 dinner + float trip events in 2011. Locations to be announced in January. Seating is first come first serve and if you think your a bad boy with a dory, we could realy use you and your open seats

    Our dear friends at Steelhead Stalkers have introduced a new -UV- yarn that has taken over our forum as a sweeping success! Everyone loves this yarn, myself included. Although Chad is a member of many communities, including his own at, we are honored that he came to SSSF and helped us catch more fish in 2010!

    Alan Goering My good friend and local guide also joined forces with us in 2010. My top pic for Clackamas River fishing, yes I am biased because he is my dear friend LoL....but ask anyone on this forum "who knows the Clackamas River?" and Alan's name will come up first. "Alan Goering's Guide Service

    Bike n Hike of Portland also joined forces with SSSF in 2010. With the interest of opening up new territories to fishing we are trying to add a little creative influence to the forum. Some of our members make use of their bikes each summer for spectacular steelhead & trout catches. We have seen the proof over an over. You have heard the term "Off the beaten path", well these guys can get you there in style on foot or on wheels! Check them out next spring on their bicycle tune up specials. Bike n hike Portland

    Looking forward to many new and great highlights in 2011!

    SSSF would like to thank our generous contributing sponsors and all of our wonderful members! Best wishes in the coming new year (*_*)
    C. Winterwolf ><,> NWFI Community Director <,><

    Golden Stone Web Design

    One t0 MaNy cArp's 0n tHe braIn "2017"~<º)))><

    One t0 MaNy cArp's 0n tHe braIn "2016"~<º)))><

    Fighting over the fish will only serve to divert us from our common goal ><,>

    "The more I see the less I know" Anthony Bourdain

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    Thanks Matt! Happy New Year to you and yours!

    If we would all concentrate on the important things in life, there would be a shortage of fishing poles!

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    Thanks to all! Everyone here has been all to pleasant with me! I appreciate everything, you all have done for me! What goes around, comes around, I pwe many of you guys a lot! Have a great 2011, and best wishes to all who participate/read SSSF! See you on the flip side!
    Dinger Jigs
    Costa Del Mar

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    Thanks for the great forum, I'm really looking forward to the chat room discussions that sounds exciting. I plan to try to continue to contribute to the community in whatever way I can and plan on doing-wait for it................................................ Springer Trolling 201!! tutorial this spring. Happy New Years all!!
    Team B-Squad

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    It was a fantastic year for SSSF and a great year to be a part of the boards, Matt. Thank you and thank Chrissy for making this such a wonderful place to moderate and to enjoy off time from school and off time from the water. Cheers to 2011 and I hope you two have a fantastic new years!
    Teddy Wise - Senior Moderator, NWFI

    OSU Class of 2013 - Go Beavs
    B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
    Fisheries Technician with WDFW

    "The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope." ~ John Buchan

    Death is Certain - Fishing is Not

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    Thanks for everything everyone. This has been a great place for me and I really appreciate everybody here.
    You all have been GREAT. You always have good info and never put someone down just because they don't know or they are old school and are not up on the new tec.
    Fishing is always good but catching is a different story

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    Happy New Year everyone!!!!
    I'm thankful for being a member on this site, I visit it more often then any other fishing website, for it has the friendliest mod's and members.

    “Many of us would probably be better fishermen if we did not spend so much time watching and waiting for the world to become perfect”
    ― Norman Maclean,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metal Slinger View Post
    Thanks for the great forum, I'm really looking forward to the chat room discussions that sounds exciting. I plan to try to continue to contribute to the community in whatever way I can and plan on doing-wait for it................................................ Springer Trolling 201!! tutorial this spring. Happy New Years all!!
    Happy new year to all. I'm glad I took Ed's advice and took a closer look at this forum. It is a lot friendlier than others and I am not afraid to ask a question for fear of being told to use the search

    Metal slinger I really enjoyed that tutorial on springer trolling as it is something I struggle with. Can't wait for part two.


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