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Thread: Fish I.D. Coho Salmon - Oncorhynchus kisutch

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    Coho Salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch

    A.k.A. Names: Silver Salmon, Silvers
    Family: Salmonidae
    Range: Monterey California, North to Bering Strait Alaska, Great Lakes Region, Bering Sea Regions
    I.D. Tips: The gum line is white to light gray, hooked upper jaw
    Run Timing: Off the Coast in summer, enters in September to October, small Winter coho runs occure in Oregon & Washington
    Travel: Travels in small groups, moves with haste through center of stream
    Holding: Back eddies, slow moving deep pools, some small riffs when moving
    Spawning Preference: Gravel side channels and shallow riffs, spawns through December
    Spawning Color: Scarlet red with black patches
    Average Adult Size: 6 to 10 Lbs - Larger in Alaska and Canada

    Please Keep Native Salmon & Steelhead in Water While Releasing Them!

    Fresh or Bright Female Coho Salmon

    Fresh or Bright Male Coho Salmon

    School of Coho Salmon Traveling

    Coho salmon [Oncorhynchus kisutch] are a mid size salmon. Coho salmon have a hydrodynamic shape built for speed and feeding while in travel. Fresh coho salmon are silver with white belly. Scales fall off in net when ultra fresh. Male and female coho can develope a kype or hooked upper jaw. Some larger males will have a toothy hooked shape kype much like the sockeye salmon. Red with patches of black or dark green are typical spawning colors for the coho salmon.

    Male Coho Salmon in Spawning Colors

    Female Coho Salmon in Spawning Colors

    All photos: Matthew Clark

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