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Thread: Fish I.D. Pink Salmon - Oncorhynchus gorbuscha

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    Pink Salmon Oncorhynchus gorbuscha

    A.k.A. Names: Humpy, humped backed salmon
    Family: Salmonidae
    Range: Northern Washington, North to Bering Strait Alaska, Bering Sea regions, Great Lakes region
    I.D. Tips: Large hump on back, grey and white color split at about lateral line, thin hooked kype
    Run Timing: July, August, and September, run is strongest on even numbered years in Alaska
    Travel: Travels in small groups, moves with haste through center of stream
    Holding: Drifts, pools, often rests near the front of shallow holes
    Spawning Preference: Gravel side channels and shallow riffs, spawns through September
    Spawning Color: Upper half of salmon is grey, lower half white.
    Average Adult Size: 2 to 6 Lbs

    Please Keep Native Salmon & Steelhead in Water While Releasing Them!

    Fresh or Bright Female Pink Salmon

    Fresh or Bright Male Pink Salmon

    Male Pink Salmon About 48 Hours in Tidewater

    Male Pink Salmon About 1 Week in Freshwater

    Male Pink Salmon Head

    The Pink salmon
    [Oncorhynchus gorbuscha] is the smallest of the 5 species of Pacific salmon. Easily identified by the large hump and small size, giving them an odd football shape. The upper half tends to be shades of grey with light black spots while the lower half of the fish appears white with hints of red around the fin and gill areas. Some females may display dark vertical bar patterns similar to a chum. It is often suggested that anglers look for fresh schools of bright pink salmon entering with the daily tides since dark pink salmon are considered poor table fair. Pinks will often hold in tidewater and move less than a few hundreds yards upstream to spawn. Look for small rolling salmon to mark their location - see photo below.

    Pink Salmon Rolling in Alaska's Kenai River

    Pink Salmon Will Often Roll While Traveling in Freshwater

    Photos: Mike & Nick Braun, Matthew Clark

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