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Thread: Fish I.D. Walleye - Sander vitreus

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    Walleye Sander vitreus (formerly Stizostedion vitreum)

    A.k.A. Names: Walleyed Pike, brown perch, yellow pike
    Family: Percidae
    Range: Throughout the Northern United States and Great Lakes regions, Columbia River Basin
    I.D. Tips: Large teeth, Perch like features, yellow to brown color, large glossy reflective eyes
    Season: All season, ice fishing, more active in Spring and Summer
    Holding: Deep holes, behind rocks that break the current, shallow flats in Spring
    Migration: Into smaller streams and bays in spring
    Spawning Season: Late Winter, Early Spring
    Average Adult Size: 2 to 12 Lbs - Possibly larger Canada, Great Lakes, and Columbia River

    Great Lakes Walleye

    Columbia River Walleye

    Walleye [Sander vitreus] In Oregon are contained mostly to the Columbia River Basin and to some extent the Willamette river. For Washington anglers the Walleye are found in several lakes such as Moses Lake and in the Columbia River from near Vancouver to at least it's confluence with the Snake River. Be careful when handling these toothy fish. Rows of minnow grabbing fangs line both the top and bottom of the jaws. Walleye appear to look like a member of the perch family, that's because it is a member of the Percidae family making them closely related. Shades of yellow and brown set this fish apart from most other warm water fish accept the small mouth bass. The bass however lacks the large fangs. Often called a pike, it is more closely related to the sauger, also a member of the Percidae family. Some anglers prefer the taste of walleye over other warm water fishes. Deep fried fresh walleye is hard to beat! - See photo below~

    Trolling for Columbia River Walleye

    Angler Ted Wise Displays Walleye

    All photos: Matthew Clark

    Walleye Links & Resources

    Fish I.D. Pages SSSF

    Deep Fried Walleye

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