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    American Shad Alosa sapidissima

    A.k.A. Names: Shad
    Range: San Francisco Bay North along coast to Fraser River Canada, Columbia River Basin, native to East Coast rivers
    Family: Clupeidae - Alosinae
    I.D. Tips: Large silver scales, black dot behind gill plate, small V shaped tail, transparent mouth area.
    Season: In rivers runs in Spring
    Holding: behind rocks that break the current, tailouts
    Travel: Large groups, swims along the bank or along shallow shoals, often follows surface currents
    Spawning Season: Early Spring to late summer
    Average Adult Size: 2 to 5 Lbs - Possibly larger in Columbia River, females are larger

    America Shad

    American Shad [Alosa sapidissima] Were introduced to the West coast around 1870 as a joint operation to establish runs in the Sacramento River in California. From there they made their way North to the Columbia River on their own. The larger American shad now populate many other small bays and rivers in Oregon and Washington. Easy to distinguish with their large silver scales and black dot located just behind gill plate. American shad are often caught as an incidental catch by anglers fishing for all other species. While it is generally known that shad target smaller objects for prey, they are still often caught on trolled plugs and drifted spin glows. Crowds of anglers can be seen angling for shad in several locations below Bonneville Dam each Spring. See photos above~

    Fast and Furious Shad Fishing Action

    Giant Sturgeon Prowls Close to Bank for American Shad

    All photos: Matthew Clark

    American Shad Links & Resources

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