White Sturgeon Acipenser transmontanus

A.k.A. Names: Gator
Range: San Francisco Bay, Sacramento River Delta, North along coast to Fraser River Canada, Columbia River Basin, also native to East Coast rivers, Russia
Family: Acipenseridae
I.D. Tips: Green and white diamonds, armor like tough skin, sucker type mouth.
Season: Present all year
Holding: Sturgeon movement patterns are seasonal, using most areas of the river depending on food source and water temp
Travel: Large groups, swims slowly along bottom of river, follows channels in bays, travels between rivers in ocean
Spawning Season: Early Winter to late Spring
Average Adult Size: 12 to 200 Lbs - Possibly larger in Columbia River and Fraser Rivers, females are larger, largest known - Beluga Sturgeon: Volga River Russia

Please Keep Sturgeon in Water While Releasing Them!

White Sturgeon

White Sturgeon [Acipenser transmontanus] The Largest of American freshwater fish. White sturgeon weighing over 1200 lbs have been recorded in recent history. Long rows of white armor spikes make this an easy to distinguish species. These spikes are located at the lateral and dorsal lines and run the length of the body starting from behind the gill plates back to the tail. You may note a large sucker type mouth when observing sturgeon. Also note that the large dorsal fin appears to be located behind the pectoral fin. Skin appears silver [fresh in from ocean travel] to dark green [river resident] depending on location. See photos~

Angler Battles White Sturgeon

Happy Anglers Display White Sturgeon

Giant Sturgeon Prowls Close to Bank for American Shad

All photos: Matthew Clark

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