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Thread: Quality Fresh Salmon Roe Is Here!

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    Thumbs up Quality Fresh/Cured Salmon Roe is HERE!


    Quality Fresh Salmon Roe is finally here. You need some call me, if I don't answer please leave message, I will call you back.

    You can also fill out the order form under the contact page on my web site.

    I do meet customers when in your area!!!

    We are taking orders for our Fresh Uncured/Cured Quality King Salmon Roe.

    MARKET PRICE for Uncured($7-9 per lb.)/$12 per lb. Cured.

    Ask about BULK PRICING...

    As of Sept. 12, 2011 Tony's Smokehouse & Cannery, Inc. Will be carrying our Cured Salmon Eggs in the Portland Area.
    1316 Washington Street
    Oregon City, OR 97045-1649
    (503) 656-7512

    Big Berries and BLOOD FREE... Local pick-up, Also Ask about our SHIPPING and PACKING DETAILS. Getting your name on our list would be to your advantage, sold out our first pick up day! "Last Year" For more information call 1-541-981-4449. We Ship with USPS, UPS or Alaska Airlines.

    Here are some pics(Better Looking in Person):

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    Where do these eggs come from?

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    I met up with Eric this evening and these eggs are top notch! I couldn't believe the quality of these! Call him ASAP if you want to get some, they won't last long I'm sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by river ranger View Post
    Where do these eggs come from?

    Processors and Hatchery surplus in Oregon and Washington.

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