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Thread: Wet, stinkin' dogs!

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    Default Wet, stinkin' dogs!

    My childhood friend Seth Casteel is a professional photographer that specializes in animals... Dogs, and Cats specifically, but his talents could take him anywhere!
    He is the one who first piqued my interest in photography. It was a pic he took of a resident Brookie my neighbor hooked way up in the Cascades when we were camping as younger gents.
    He was featured on Animal Planet a while back, and aparantly it went over very well! All of a sudden, this average joe, is viral. He might be famous according to some folks! Hahahaha!

    Two months ago I got a call from him, sayin he was gonna be in town, second week in April, and he wanted to get together, and maybe do some fishin...Well, we didnt fish cuz I've been stuck on this pole barn, Alpaca shelter thing, but he came, helped me out, stayed with my parents, and the other night at dinner, he let us see his most recent shots from this last February.

    This spread is absolutely EPIC! About 15 grand in photo equipment, and another 5-7 dollars in "accessories, and "media."(Snorkel mask, and an assortment of balls!)
    The balls all had different weights attached, or put into the balls to achieve different sink rates for different effects.

    Its amazing that all it takes is a little ingenuity, and 5 bucks in doggie toys to make such an incredible set!

    I think the intensity on the faces of the dogs is simply impressive. Those dogs want nothing more than to get that dam ball in their chops! Their drive is awesome!
    Enjoy the antics!

    Seth, in all his glory! Hahaha!

    My favorite shot, I think!

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    Sam Wurdinger
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    We need to get this guy down to 20ft in Willy taking shots of springers munching on herring. Very impressive work.

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    Those are really cool!!!!!

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    Those are really that Black Lab shot bout half way down...damn talented...

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    That's some cool stuff right there!
    I had to laugh at a couple of them...If they only knew how funny (and sometimes down-right viscous) they looked.

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    Thanks for the laugh. He's really good. Great quality photos

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    Those are great. Would love to have an underwater photo of my wirehair.

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    gnarly photos!
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    Awesome! Nothin like a lil' "ball crack" to get the blood pumpin! Just ask my two!
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