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Thread: A lousy, bumpy awesomely great day

  1. Default A lousy, bumpy awesomely great day

    Finally got to wet a line out in the lower Cook Inlet. We started the day about 2 hours before high tide trolling for kings. We tried plug cut herring, sardine wrapped Kwikfish and whole troll herring. We trolled mostly in about 24' of water up and down the shoreline but didn't mark any fish or connect with any kings... we did land a couple of kelp greenlings though.

    After high slack, we motored 5 miles off shore to one of our super-secret halibut holes and fished off anchor through the rest of the tide. The action was practically non-stop! We caught halibut, gray cod, and trophy skates! We ended the day with a box full (limit) of halibut. While the water was a bit choppy, the temperature was cool and the skies were overcast with an occasional rain shower, it was an awesome day on the water!


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    Congrats on the good day I love bottom fishing! Never know whats gonna come up next. I just like lookin at those big giant rockfish to, their cool.

    Is it considered early for inlet chinook at this time?
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    Where we were fishing the bottom is generally sandy with some structure, but not enough for rockfish... I agree though that they can be very cool!

    This should be primetime for chinook trolling, however things are a bit slow. Indeed, I just read this morning that ADF&G has issued an emergency order closing fishing in Anchor River and extending the exclusion area for trolling an additional mile each way... this will be in effect until the escapement numbers increase. So are they late or missing... that is the million dollar question for today.

    The Kenai is starting to produce some nice kings however... I hope to get out next week.



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