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Thread: refreeze unused cured herring?

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    Default refreeze unused cured herring?

    im going to use rock salt for the first time in a few days for a tray of green label herring. If i don't find myself being able to use all of it within a week or two, is it ok to throw them back in the freezer when already cured? I don't know what the process would do to them other than they might not completely freeze. I did this with other herring but i didn't use rock salt and they still looked and kept good with Mikes bright n tight.

    gonna use rock salt and add pautzky krill powder. Any suggestions on when to add the krill? I'm thinking overnight before the rock salt so the scales and skin is softer? Then drop the rock salt in. I have had my last batch of cured herring in the fridge for about a month and it still smelled good and caught fish.

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    Go for it if your going to use them as sturgeon bait, but dont waste your time trying to spin them for salmon. The $5 you try and save could cost you a fish


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