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Thread: Time to update your website?

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    Question Time to update your website?

    Special 25% discount offer for all SSSF members!

    Keeping a business flowing and growing is definitely tough these days especially the way the economy is. Having a website that is fresh and up to date is certainly a tool that can aid in the process. Costumers like to read the happenings going on within your company but also like to keep updated on new services, products and sales you have to offer. You may be thinking, but yea its such a process to keep my website up to date! This is where Golden Stone Web Design can help YOU and YOUR BUSINESS be successful. This is possible in several ways.

    Golden Stone Web Design offers a service to update your website for you, this is for those that do not have a lot of computer and internet experience. All you do is contact us with the updates needed (via email or phone) and tada your site will be updated and fresh within a few hours, no more hummin and hawin. Spend more doing what you enjoy, such as FISHING <><

    Secondly, Golden Stone Web Design can design you a site that will be fully custom and suitable to your needs and design desires. The added bonus is that you can login and update the website yourself, just like updating a blog or writing a forum post you can update your customers on your business happenings. Sure there are lots and lots of template sites offering this service but you will end up paying in the long run! These sites offer a limited selection with a limited way to customize your website. Golden Stone works with you to design the website exactly how you want. Change anything and everything until you are happy. No hidden fees ! No style limitation! The best part is once you turn your website into a content management system you can always update it yourself!

    Recently I had a client that wanted a family website created. He wanted his family that is located across Oregon and Idaho to be able to login and update the family on the going ons of life. I gave them the ability to securely and privately login and create posts, add recent photos, add events and stay connected. Itís a great tool for the family to utilize.

    Contact us today and share whatís new in your company! And Remember that special 25% discount offer for SSSF members! Visit Golden Stone Web Design dot com to view our portfolio and packages offered!

    Some Of my work includes:

    • David johnson Guide Service
    • Chris Nordling's Guide Service
    • Washington West Fishing Adventures
    • Ed Fast's River adventures
    • Northwest Steelheaders Portland Chapter's Newsletter
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