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    was wondering if those who fish alone out of a pontoon, have had a hard time getting a ride back to their vehicles after a float? it seems to me that finding a ride back would be occupying my mind every stretch of the way and that I do not want. what goes through your minds when your up against that? sure can cover the water though. guess i can get use to it. i sold my boat so i'm thinking of picking up a toon.

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    Most rivers have some shuttle services or have freinds move their rig.
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    i never float without a ride prearranged. I use local shuttles, friends with an extra car or park a mountain bike at the takeout.


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    I use a buddy system, or the wife drops me off and picks me up. Someone once mentioned picking up an inexpensive moped or motorcycle and leaving it at the takeout to ride back up.

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    I have done everything mentioned and a $20-$30 paid shuttle is the only way to go unless you are really strapped for cash. The wife or friends is a great way if they are available and willing to do it for you. I don't like to keep imposing on people so the paid shuttle is my ride of choice. When your vehicle is waitng for you at the take out you don't have to worry about theft like a self shuttle.

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    I always prefer to use local shuttles! Sometimes I prefer my friends with an extra car at the takeout.


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