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Thread: My Sockeye Pictures (Large Pictures!)

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    Absoloutely amazing! Very jealous of your trip gabe! Love the fly rod pic with one leaping

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twise95 View Post
    Were you using your GoPro to take pics or did you have a different camera? Those are some SWEET shots, especially the aerial ones! Nice post Gabe!
    That was the $8,000 setup. The GoPro was all video @ 60fps.

    Aaron, it was an awesome time with Tommy, he knows his stuff.

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    That looks like a total blast, glad you had fun.

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    Not sure how I missed this thread......Pretty rad though! When I have more time I need to check out the other 400 photos!

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    Looks like a great time. I need to get up the and do the sockeye thing one of these years. I'm jealous for sure.

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    Yeah Ryan, it takes a while but it's great cause each time you look through them you see something you didn't earlier.

    It's a blast, I can't imagine how much of a slaughter it'd be with other people who are used to drift fishing. The two I was with, one hadn't been fishing for 15+ years and the other was a trout dry fly guy.
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