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    This master list serves as a gathering of most often used links in Northwest Fishing. I will be adding to this list as I gather more links from across the network and the web.

    T.I.P. Turn In Poachers ODFW HOTLINE INFO

    Angling Resources

    Hydro & Tidal Links

    Fish I.D. Pages SSSF

    State's Links

    SSSF Community Services

    Wiki & LBF Fish Info Links


    To suggest a link for the master list or report bad links, please PM 'Chinook Winterwolf' for consideration. Thank you for your input.

    UPDATED: 7/4/2016

    You might have noticed a thread at the top of the Rivers/Cold water forum titled Chinook's Master Link List. This is a list of all of the most popular and relevant Northwest Fishing Links. Included are links to hydro, tidal, Bonneville, ODFW, state and many other angling educational resource links.

    Chinook's Master Link List

    If you know of a link I have missed that should be on our master links list, please PM me the link for consideration.


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