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    so i am in the market for a better rod than the EClaw 8' i am using seems to have almost no feeling in it even though it say blank thru handle....

    any way i am curious as to what if any opinions there were on here about WW Griggs rods?

    does any1 fish and them how do they stack up vs the big boys on the market?

    Thanks for any input.

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    Never fished a Griggs, but Fishermans has IM8's on sale for $69 right now. You can't wrong there.
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    IM8's are great for the price point - no denying that!

    Griggs rods (which include NxNW and north river - fishermens and when we had them joes house brands) as well as his own lines are fine rods, again for a good price point. When he had the factory in Canby, you could get them for about $30 each.
    His factory has moved, and I am not sure to where - or if he has maintained the retail portion.

    I have 10-12 Griggs rods, and 5-6 north river rods - Put them through a lot of heck with only a few broken.
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    I have a Griggs and like it a lot..

    As Alan mentions, lot in that price point...can also look at the Lami x-11's...I have not been able to use mine it's a Christmas present and for some reason I'm not allowed to touch it yet..but was right in that $60-80 range...

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    good i was hoping the reviews would come in like this.
    i have driven past that building quite a few times and it still has quite a few vehicles parked in the lot during the week and while the building does not have a name on it the original marking's has not changed since it was built, so im hoping that they are still there and still avail. to the public. i will swing by in the next week or so.

    maybe they need a warehouse guy...


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