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Thread: Sand River in May

  1. Default Sand River in May

    Hi everyone,

    I'm going to be coming down to the Sandy River in mid May for a few days of fishing. As I understand it there will be Steelies and Chinook in the river at about the same time? I'd really like to get into a Chinook on the swung fly, but I have never pursuded these fish. Any advice on fly pattern and preffered presentation for these big beasties?

    The fly choice up here ranges from small crystal buggers all the way up to marabou popsicles, and everything in between. But again, I haven't actually fished for them. Most of my focus here has been steelhead, pinks when they are in, and coho when I can get on thr river during their return.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. I'd really like to start tying up a box specific for the trip down.



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    if you only have a few days to fish and want the best chance i wood book a trip with ed fast he knows his stuff and can probly get you into fish and will be a remberable trip good luck

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    If you came in June your chances would be alot better then may

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    If you can, I highly recommend booking a trip with Ed Fast. His rates are very modest and I'm sure he could put you on water that would give you your best chance!

    If you can't, try giving him a ring or sending him a PM on here, he will be more than willing to give you his best advice. He knows that river very well. That being said we also have a lot of members on here that call the Sandy their home, and I'm sure they will be willing to chip in as well.

    Good luck, you will certainly have to let us know how you do. A springer on a swung fly sounds like an epic battle for sure!
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    Default May 16, 2012

    Here is one of several fish we caught last May with Ed on the Sandy. I also lost a smallish wild Springer that day. Other than being sick as a dog with the flu that day I had a great time.

    If we would all concentrate on the important things in life, there would be a shortage of fishing poles!

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    Thanks everyone. If the rates on his site are still current you are right about the price. I will have to give him a call or send him a PM. (Ed that is)

    Appreciate the nudge in the right direction.


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    Ed is definitely going to be your best bet. If you book him at the beginning of your trip then you can take that knowledge with you the rest of your time here (and maybe some back home).
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    There are Chinook in the river in May, but it's still pretty early. I usually don't start targeting them until June (Ish) However, there will be summer run steelhead in the river in May. If you did take a trip with Ed you'd be floating the best stretch of river for summer runs. They are my favorite fish to target.

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    So Summer Runs are starting to sound like our target fish. Can you get these fish to rise to a dry or skated fly?

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    I don't flyfish, but it seems like most of the water I usually hook mine out of would be fairly hard to get one to rise for a fly. I relly don't know for sure though. Someone else here will know better than I do.

    If you want to skate flies, you need to come back in September or October and fish the Deschutes! Or the North Umpqua.

    Here's a N Umpqua video shot by forum owner ChinookSSSF.


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