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    I went, and it was worth it. The fish looked up, and took chubbies, norm woods, and stimmies. Too many to count, double digits both day. Only took a pic of one fish...

    Here's some landscape photos...

    At one point kept getting refusals from a pod of fish, so I put a new fly I hadn't tried on, a chubby chern and a dropper pheasant tail nymph under it. Hoping they would take the nymph I cast out and first drift wham, nails that huge ugly brown foamy thing! Totally caught me by surprise. Other than that I'd basically step in the water near the jungle, turn and cast upstream about 1' from the bank. Lost a lot of flies in the bushes, but caught a ton of big trout as the ambushed the fallen stones. Good showing of both goldens and salmons and also lots of caddis but couldn't buy a strike to the small caddis imitiations. Also, having those huge stoneflies and large spiders crawiling on me as I bushwhacked the nasty brush still makes me itchy. But it was worth it.

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    I love the D : ) hoping to get over this summer for steel on steal
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    Great post! Very nice!!
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    Me too, this was my first real try, other than for a quick half hour stop on the way somewhere else to fish for trout. Now I want to swing and throw brass for steel!

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    That sounds awesome! I need to learn to fly fish, I would love to go fish over there for trout.

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    Great pics dude! Weather looks all too inviting as well!

    Are you tying the chubby chern? If so, I'd love to see a couple pics, or maybe a trout fly "how-to" if yer up to it!
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    Sure, I'll do the chubby. I use a modified one, seems like the ones with the hairwings always flip over on me and float on the sides so I just tie up a foam fly, with dubbed body wrapped with a hackle and rubber legs. I'll do a step by step in a bit. However, they loved the stimulator I was using and now its in a tree! I tired to remember the pattern cause I feel it was the body color they were keying on but dang it, I forgot in all the excitement! They seemed way more keen on the golden stones than the salmonflies (giant stones). Up until that 15 min. window where the giants were crashing the water. The goldens were out in better numbers and were near the banks falling in rather than laying eggs in the flats.

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    Sounds like a good time


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