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    Back from another trip over to the Deschutes. I heard of bad crowds from Warm Springs to Trout Creek so I stayed low, way low. The big bugs were gone except for a few goldens that just weren't getting picked off at all. Learned a neat new thing. The Giant stones drop their eggs without touching the water, and the goldens have to actually touch down to lay the eggs. Neat fact I read earlier in the week. Anyway, the fish would not look up for anything, I fishe the dry hard and got one 8" trout. When I finally put the dry away and drifted nymphs my luck changed...sort of. I ended up hooking and loosing 3 very nice redsides. One I never saw and it felt BIG. Aren't they always. And then it happened, broke my new 4wt fly rod, so in it goes for warranty which hopefully is covered. I took out the bamboo my wife got for me the other day and that was fun. Got the one fish of the day to hand with it, and I just love the whippy feel as a bamboo loads. (and for any bamboo purist, it was a dry fly fish on that rod).

    My youngest, hamming it

    The bamboo

    The breakfast 'craw' waiting to be devoured. Tasted completely unhealthy, but good!

    Really neat flowers. Most of the wildflower show is gone. Some are left.

    Always cool to see the oasis around this waterway, just out of the zone it goes back to dry and hot.

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    I witnessed the same thing! Big bugs droppin big black berry cluster like bombers over a war field! That was an epic experience!

    Cool to hear you got hooked up on the 'boo! I love a nice slow action fur flinger as well. Great for laying out big casts, if you can keep it smooth!

    Have fun the rest of the season out there! Should be a few more trout around for a little while longer.
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