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Thread: Twins with twins

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    Default Twins with twins

    Fished a new client today on Green Peter with his wife and 5 year old twins. We landed 10 an hour. Lost, not sure. The kids handled almost everyone unless they were busy poking the ones in the cooler, touching their eyes, or teeth (That's what they called the gill rackers). 10:00 we took a break. the kids swam, caught salamanders, threw rocks and sticks, O yeah, drop big clumps of moss on your brother. Pretty fun getting kids into a mess of koks

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    Those type of trips are the main ones I appreciated.
    Glad you had a fun day!
    You can only get so excited about some crusty fisherman catching yet another fish, however the excitement from youth or first timers is where it's at in Guiding. The rest was just a blur and just a daily grind.
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    LoL , nice pic!, those things are so tasty too....
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    That had to be a great time getting the kids into a lot of fish.


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