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Thread: Logging Tongass N.F. Administration approves Orion North

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    Exclamation Logging Tongass N.F. Administration approves Orion North

    Any idea how this might effect the areas fishing? Any thoughts?

    Obama administration approves logging in Tongass National Forest

    I am asking since now that we have burned off the majority of our lower 48 resources we seem to be turning to our last fontier a bit to much for my own comfort. So we can now add destructive N.F. logging practices to the dozens of strip mining claims throughout Alaska including those at Pebble and upper Kenai? How bout a little off shore oil drilling? It is on the way....Can Alaska catch a break? Talk about the change mantra......

    Maybe they are just mad that Palin jumped ship before they destroy her home state..... I honestly would not want to be part of deciding Alaska'a future or fate right now either.......Scary ground to walk on all things considered.....

    You know a little logging may not seem to bad to me at times because it really helps the wild game population in many ways but when folks get the go ahead to log an area they will do their best at their job and I have seen first hand just exactly what this does to class 1 and 2 streams. If they could stay out of the better drainages that would be fine but they most certainly will not. Many will just be glad to be working and we all understand that deeply in times like these. A tough nut to swallow because in that part of Alaska, every draw has a new river or stream.
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    All the effort that goes into organizing logging and harvesting nat. resources is a lot more difficult than leaving things alone. With the connections and ties between environments and ecosystem still largely onknown I could see major issues in logging. It is really too bad that it has come to this.

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