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Thread: How do you cook YOUR salmon and steelhead? Recipes and Techniques

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryank View Post
    That's the ticket! 500 degrees should get the job done!

    Looking at this thread is making me hungry! The blackened cajun style sounds damn good. I will be trying that.
    Seconded, that blackened cajun with bleu cheese sounds bomb! I love bleu cheese on anything for the most part. My favorite burger is a black n' bleu.

    Ryan has a very good point about NOT TOUCHING the fish when it's cooking, I'm such a OCD cook that I have a tendency to try and grab it before the fish has actually seared all the way through, which is a no-no. If you want the fillet to stay together and not stick / fall apart on the grill, you have to just leave it on there for 8-10 mins tops. It is so good this way though! In addition to fresh cracked black pepper and salt, I like to add some fresh chopped rosemary and then some lemon for a bit of zest.

    For my mom for mother's day, I actually grilled springer steaks flesh-side down for 8-10 minutes as suggested above, then when I flipped it, I had a soaked cedar plank ready to go and I just put it skin-side down on the cedar plank for 10-15 minutes on medium heat. I put leftover rosemary between the fish and the cedar plank as well, which I think when heated added extra rosemary flavor into the fish. One can do the same with lemon wheels as well. The cedar plank might have been a bit of overkill but it definitely infused the cedar and wine that the plank was soaked in directly into the steak. It got pretty rave reviews.

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