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    Default Fly rod set up

    Setting up a fly rod based on a 5/6 weight reel that I already own. Mainly gonna target trout in lakes. Should I be looking at a 5 or 6 weight rod? Rod length? Fly Line and Tippett recommendations?

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    For small streams I like 4 or 5 weight as long as the trout are say 22' or smaller. You can land a steelhead in creeks on the light weight rod as well but I encourage you to avoid rivers with natives while using gear this light. For larger rivers, and lake trolling with sinking lines I would go for a good quality 6 weight because you never know whats going to grab that fly in a deep lake or larger river.

    When I go on trips I tend to bring one size larger than I anticipate needing just in case the action is fast and brutal like it can be in Alaska. For Alaska I chose a 7 weight Certified Pro. There are just so many hungry salmon, large egg feeding trout and char that a week rod might not last the week.

    That said and out of the way it looks like your in need a of a good quality 6 weight at about 9 ft? With a good 6 weight you can also run a 7 weight sinking line and get reel deep with lots of fighting power for those lunker trouts.
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