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Thread: Are you into bass fishing? Now's the time to get after 'em!

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    Default Are you into bass fishing? Now's the time to get after 'em!

    Hey folks,

    any of you guys like to fish for bass when the salmon fishing stinks? I don't fish for bass nearly as much as I used to when I was an up-and-coming fisherman but I do like to get out with the ultra light gear a few times a year and chase after them. It's nice not having to worry about tides, weather, and if there are actually any fish around - for the most part, if it's spring time and the water temps are on the rise, more than likely it's time to chase bass. It's a great change of pace when salmon fishing isn't as hot as you'd like it to be, and you can easily have double-digit days if you know what you are doing.

    After having a skunk day out salmon fishing last weekend during the Spring Flotilla, we noticed that there were a flurry of bass boats all around us in the Willamette, having a little junior tournament. We didn't see any boats hook any when we were out there, but they came in to the same dock we did to weigh in. The weigh-in was at 2PM which is also when we decided to call it quits. Each boat came up to the weigh-in with several nice smallmouth bass! All of the lures/swimbaits on their rods looked more or less like little smolt/silvery fish imitations, which no doubt would be the way to go.

    Usually late April through May is the spawning time for smallmouth and fishing can be very good as smallmouth get very aggressive guarding their redds, especially big females.

    I recently made a video with a little action I recorded on a new-to-me Contour ROAM 1600 action camera of a few fish I caught in an evening after work:

    Following suit with what I saw last weekend, a countdown silver Rapala was good for one nice fish, and a second fish was caught using a 3" green/watermelon Gary Yamamoto Senko bait rigged "wacky" style. A few years ago, I wrote a tutorial on how I like to rig and fish the Senko, and in this short video you can get a small glimpse at the type of technique I use.!-by-Twise95

    Go out there and get after 'em! Show us some pics too if you get lucky.
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    Fishin' for bass is alot of fun. Glad you mentioned it Teddy. I think I might need to get out for a few hours this weekend. It's a great change of pace..

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    Nice post Teddy...

    It is my understanding that for Columbia and Willamette bass tides do matter. Also water temps. Water temps can cause them to move in to smaller rivers. There is soooo much bass water between these 2 rivers OMG.... Beyond effecting feeding times, tides also influence how the fish or bass are positioned in the river according to river flow. The later would help you choose your presentation more effectively. In spring during periods of out going smolt migration bass will key in on the easy feed.

    I swear Teddy kills em on the whacky rig :/ hehe
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