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Thread: I want to buy a quality filet knife...

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    Default I want to buy a quality filet knife...

    ...I'd appreciate some recommendations.
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    Kershaw has always worked for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bohemian View Post
    ...I'd appreciate some recommendations.
    A cemiter will be your last fillet knife. At Fisherman's they have one that is $35 and $80. I believe the $80 one is a forschner. I have filleted 35 plus salmon with it and it is still razor sharp. I do hone the edge with a steel before every fish.

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    Thanks! Looks like I've got some research and shopping to do...
    One other question: Does anyone actually filet trout?
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    I got a cheap Rapala as a freebee for a magazine subscription. Best blade ever stays sharp and if it needs sharpened it goes quick. I've spent a lot on a Kershaw and it is the dullest blade of all my knives I have to sharpen it before I use it and during.
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    I filet my trout, and kokanee Todd - except for the rare "Bacon in the body cavity and on the fire" scenario.
    I like both rigid and semi flexible knives. I dislike floppy soft knives, like most purpose made filet knives (crap).

    The knife I primarily use lately is a 9218 made by Frosts (Sweden). They are reasonably cheap, and have quality steel. I own two of them, one of which lives in the open, IN a sink full of water in my boat - going on 2 years and the blade and handle are still as new. However, they are not flexible at all, if you need that in a blade.

    Here's a link:
    (Link above is simply the first that came up on google, I'd shop around for a better price)

    It will give you these:

    The reason I like rigid or semi rigid is absolutely knowing where and having control of the tip.
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