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Thread: WTB Rods for Salmon Fishing

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    Default WTB Rods for Salmon Fishing

    Looking for a couple decent poles that aren't extremely expensive. Would like something 9' to 10'6" and 10 to 30lb. I'm just starting to get into this type of fishing and I'm struggling to find a rod that isn't out of my price range. Anything helps! Thank you.

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    Don't mean to pry personal info, but what is your price range? Are there any brands in particular you are looking at?

    If you keep an eye on local micro-season sales (Fisherman's, Bi-Mart, etc.) one is bound to drop to a price that's more reasonable for you. Right now the stores are having their annual Fall sale. I generally fall in the cheap to mid-level price range (occasionally buying an expensive one used) and there are some great rods out there that will suit your needs.

    Lamiglas X-11 rods are a great one, also the Berkley Buzz Ramsey IM8, and the Okuma SSTs. They all have models in that general rating range. If you also tell me what exactly you're using them for, that would help as well. Are you looking for a salmon herring rod, drift fishing, or a bobber rod?
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