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Thread: Super Teriyaki, birthday dinner

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    Thumbs up Super Teriyaki, birthday dinner

    For my birthday dinner we decided to visit an old friend at "Super Teriyaki & More" on Hall Blvd, near Washington Square Mall. We used to go there a lot when we first moved hear before our apt complex got better washers. We used a coin opp facility next door the the teriyaki place. The woman who owns Super Teriyaki is the sweetest woman you will ever be served by. If we didn't make it over to eat one day, she would walk over to the coin opp place and say hello to us, ask how we are doing. We enjoyed it also because it is always quiet, but that's the sad part.

    We had not been there for a while since using our complex washers but being my birthday I wanted to visit her and let her know we had not forgotten her incredible kindness in the past. Again last night on my birthday dinner night, Saturday night we were the only people in there. Yes we love quiet places but to see an empty teriyaki house with the sweetest owner ever totally empty was very painful.

    The menu here is not very broad but a decent supply of basics. Average prices and exceptional service you will feel, not see. If your in the area and need a nice lunch and have nothing wrong with making a new friend, please visit her place I have linked below. Read the reviews on YELP I have linked, even the people unhappy with the menu or prices still mention how nice the owner is... Maybe they should have gone there a few times before leaving a bad review *winks*

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    Wow, great story. Makes me want to drive all the way out there to check it out.. Happy Birthday by the way

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