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Thread: Yarnies More sizes or more colors

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    I use Gamakatsu C14S Glo Bug hooks. I believe I was using size 10. They are extremely strong and hold fish as well as any other hook I have used.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spactrukn View Post
    I just use a few short pieces of yarn in a baitloop. 9 initial wraps with 10# test line is enough to hold the yarn tight. I just use whatever color combination I feel like at the time. Using the yarn in the loop allows me to quickly add or change colors.
    This one has been the most productive for me the past two years... The yarn fibers are cut to about 1/2" in length, that is a size 2 Gami octopus hook. I trim them down as I need to depending on the conditions. Sometimes I'll just keep adding little thin strands of yarn till I find the one color they like...

    Sorry about the blurry pic... The wind was blowing it around.

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    Bumping these valuable bits of info back to the top...
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    Yea, totally Alan, Yarnies taste great!
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