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    Anyone have any good websites where they check the current and forecasted surf conditions? Also, what are you looking for when reading the conditions. Just been google searching and what I found is something like, "8 ft. swell @ 10 sec." Is that an 8 ft. swell every 10 seconds? Is this a pounding surf or not? What's considered high and low, or pounding and calm?

    I ask because I've dug clams my entire life but never paid attention to the surf conditions before I got to the beach. Just trying to get a better barometer of what I'm in for when I get down there.

    Any advise is appreciated, thanks.

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    Sounds like you're on the right track. Remember to add the wind wave forecast onto the swell height since some of the online forecasters do not combine them for you.

    I always use several sites for surf forecast and "average" their forecasts as they generally are not consistent.

    For swell period, think of a sine (or cosine) wave. The period is the distance between either peaks or valleys, in seconds, which is what you guessed.

    8' swells is not a nice summer day, most people will not be out in small craft on days like that.

    Above all, It's like banking on a rain forecast - I would have missed a LOT of amazing days out on the ocean if I'd just bagged it based on the surf forecasts alone.

    These are helpful also (during daylight hours):
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    Thanks for all the info. I think I've looked at most of those sights when "googling" around (if that's a word).

    I saved to my favorites as I thought it was giving me the best info I needed.

    Anyway, there's a good tide this weekend. I think it -1.1 Saturday and -1.0 Sunday. Going to stay at a buddy's in Chinook, dig Sat morning, then pick up a big order from the seafood market. Should be good weather.
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