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Thread: You'd think we like bottom fishing, or something..

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    Default You'd think we like bottom fishing, or something..

    Forecast for 4-6' swell at 9 seconds +2ft wind waves at 5 seconds - Worth taking a peek.
    The swell was fine, although the wind was out of a completely different direction than forecast which made it a touch nasty on the slow slog back to the bar at 11knots (roughly an hour run time). Running out to the reefs was fine, ~20knots+.

    Tyra keeping with tradition:

    Fish hitting the deck faster than I can bleed them and get them into the fish box up front:


    Tyra with a chunker!

    Few crab for our troubles:

    Walk on the beach after filleting fish, to kill some time before our dinner date.

    One day per month La Maison does dinner (must reserve, there are 7 or 8 tables in the whole place)

    I did the New York, and Tyra did a Duck breast with huckleberry sauce.

    Did I mention that you should go to La Maison yet?
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