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Thread: Disk Golf Anyone?

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    Question Disk Golf Anyone?

    Anyone on here play Disk Golf? I loved to play Frisbee Golf when I was growing up. Frisbee golf is where you use a normal Whammo pro frisbee and make a course of object. I our case we use a light pole to light pole course in our neighborhood. In disk golf there are actual courses with basket style goals. Courses are often in scenic and natural areas that are nice to visit such as parks. Disk golf is very popular in Oregon. The game is played with smaller colorful weighted disks and players often carry a bag of 10 or more disks while in game. There are several courses by my home in Portland. I think I would like to give this a try. If anyone can tell me about this sport please chime in and educate me ><,>

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    I have several friends that do this with most of their spare time it seems, but I've never thrown one. Apparently there is a whole tournament scene for it.
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    It's pretty popular. Most of the Oregon State parks have a course. My problem is they all have great fishing opportunities as well... Pitching spinners and beads near disc golf courses have been pretty productive for me the past several years... Jus' sayin'. Micro brews and disc golf seem to go together pretty well.

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    Me and some buddies got into this about 6 years ago. Played a bunch of course in the GMA. It's definitely fun, and I remember is it was like going on a hike and playing a game all in one. I think I still have my 3 disc starter kit around somewhere. I'd be down for a round, if I can remember how to throw one. Dabney and roster rock are a couple good courses.
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