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Thread: PSA: Clean up your fishing line!

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    Default PSA: Clean up your fishing line!

    I know that those of you who are friends with me on FB have already seen this, but i'd like to forward the message here as well:

    I think all of us are well educated on being good stewards of the river, but just a friendly reminder to please clean up your fishing line!

    Unfortunately, this story involves a consequence of what happens when you don't do that.

    Today while doing a float survey for work, I found a poor gull that was wrapped up pretty bad in some 20# monofilament. One end wrapped around his chest and one of his wings, making him immobile, while the other end of the line was wrapped up in several tree branches. By the time I was able to approach him, he was pretty quiet, and didn't put up much of a fight - most likely due to exhaustion. Thankfully that was the case, as it made freeing him with a knife fairly easy. Not that I should have had to do this in the first place...

    Just a friendly reminder that your fellow fishermen might not be the only beneficiaries of you cleaning up your fishing line at your favorite spots on the river.

    Most rivers these days have receptacles that are purposed for recycling old fishing line - use these if you can! If not, then its best to cut the line into very, very small sections (an inch or two at most) and then throwing it away in an actual garbage can.
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    Personnaly I am 0/3 on helping wild birds wrapped up with fishing line. I couldn't catch them to help them out Looks like this one was really stuck.

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    You can cut the line up in to small pieces worst case scenario..
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