Oregon Hatchery Research Center Board seeks four new members to represent Gillnetters, Salmon Commission, Agriculture and Oregon Indian Tribes

October 5, 2016

Alsea, Ore. Ė The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is seeking four new Board members to represent the Columbia River gillnetters, Oregon Salmon Commission, the agricultural industry and Oregon Indian Tribes respectively on the Oregon Hatchery Research Center (OHRC) Board. The successful candidates will serve four-year terms.

The Board is charged with advising the OHRC Director on operational, budget and research priorities at the research center. Additional details about the Boardís responsibilities can be found in House Bill 3441, available on the ODFW web site.

Candidates must submit an application and provide three references by November 4, 2016. The ODFW Director will appoint the new members by the end of the year. The application is available on the ODFW web site. ODFW is consulting with the Legislative Council on Indian Services to recruit an Oregon Tribe representative.

The OHRC is a cooperative research project between ODFW and OSU. The centerís mission is to develop an understanding of the mechanisms that may create differences between hatchery and wild fish, and devise ways to reduce and manage the differences so that hatcheries can be used responsibly in the conservation and management of Oregonís native fish.

For more information about the OHRC Board or how to apply, please contact Kerrie Tarkinton at Kerrie.J.Tarkinton@state.or.us or (541) 757-5301. For more information about the OHRC, visit OHRCís Web site at www.dfw.state.or.us/fish/OHRC


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