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Thread: Got tired of grinding it out for steelhead...

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    Default Got tired of grinding it out for steelhead...

    So we decided to take advantage of the surf forecast!

    1 foot surf today with mild wind - however, the day started out at a lovely 16 degrees.
    The temperature of the wind on the several (12) mile run to the reefs got old pretty fast. The spray headed home against the wind was even more fun.

    Enough complaining, we limited with rockfish and lings in 1 hour. Amazing how full of fish those reef structures are when no one can get out for weeks because of the surf!
    Perhaps bad placement or because they only soaked for about an hour and a half we only got a few crab in the pots.

    I'll take it over steelhead any day.

    There was a landslide on the highway, so we had to take the "scenic" route that happened to be nice and snowy/icy. Best conditions for towing
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    Very cool! (play on words)
    Sounds like you should have worn snowmobile suits!
    Nice work!
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    I would take that over Steelhead too. Really nice haul.

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    Looks like a great day!


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