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    Golden Stone Web Design emerged when Christina Dombkowski and Matthew Clark joined forces with their extensive knowledge of computers and their love for the outdoors. Matthew has fished and hunted ever since he was a young child through-out the United States, soaking up the knowledge and beauty of each new location along the way. He also uses his creative eye to capture the breathtaking photographs and action packed videos. He started creating videos as a hobby but gained a large audience in just a year. Now that audience anxiously awaits new film releases.

    With a degree in computer science with focus on web design along with her motivation and drive to continue learning new concepts as technology advances Christina provides professional and unique layouts to clients. She also is training her golden retriever Maverick to be her service dog. Soon she will be participating in a program called Northwest Service Dog Training helping people with various disabilities train their dogs to help them in their daily lives. Having a disability herself she has great knowledge about the disability community and has a great passion for helping people become as independent as possible.

    This team now offers their knowledge and skills to the public. The World Wide Web has opened so many doors. The only limit is imagination. Let us help on your journey to the future!
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