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Thread: Alaska Fishing Fellowship and Fun (pics)

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    Finally! I get a chance to make the annual trek to one of my favorite small streams for some bent rod action. Along is a dear friend, Joe H. We get underway at 7:00 am and head to the boat launch. The weather looks great, but the forcast not so great. We cannot resist the urge to believe that the forcaster is never correct!

    With the boat launched, and on step, heading upstream, we encounter some small chop, but not nearly enough to turn us around. We arrive at the mouth of a small stream and marvel at first of all how much the terrain has changed from last year, but also at the number of mostly eaten salmon carcasses littering the shore. After the boat is secure, Joe tosses a few casts with the ultra-light, hoping for a coho or two and smacks a nice dolly on the first.

    We grab the fly rods and head upstream. As we make our way to the fishing area, we are walking on some "pre-made" trails in the tall grass! Carefully stepping over the piles of poo, mixed with fish and berries... But not to worry, I had along Mr. Remington 870 with 5 3" magnum Brenake slugs in the pipe. The sound of snapping twigs and occasional grunt left no doubt that we were not alone. The furry guys stayed off the radar today however.

    We tie on some painted beads and let the games begin.... Joe was the first to produce but I was not far behind. While the action was not as fast as usual, the dollies and rainbows were staged in the deeper holes... the average size however was greatly increased over years past.

    We made our way up stream working every seam, eddy, and deep hole the small creek had to offer.

    The day produced many line stripping, rod pulsing moments of excitement resulted in many smiles and stories....

    While attempting to make that proverbial "last cast", Joe yells out.... "Whoa.... this is a really nice one!!!" I cast a glance downstream and see a flash of a very nice dolly... the line was peeling, the fish was running, but in the end, Joe was able to put a hand on this beaut of the day:

    All in all, it was a spectacular day of Alaskan small stream fishing with tremendous fellowship and fun mixed in.

    Disclaimer: No fish were harmed in the making of this report.


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    Wow Ed... just wow! That's beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us.
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    Awesome post! Man you got my heart pounding Ed! I hope to some day fish that certain stream with you, for the fellowship part and to see your sacred part of the world. This post is all about qaulity of life, and I understand that qaulity because I have been there with good friends, you inlcuded and know what this feels like. I think that is why I got a bit of a pulse jump when I saw this. I am all envy Thanks for sharing

    Super nice dollys!
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    Great thread Ed, it is cool to see your neck of the woods. I should have looked into this section a long time ago. I get focused on the local stuff and forget to look at other threads sometimes.

    Your buddy looks really familiar to me, not sure from where but definitely familiar. IF it's not him then he has a twin down here.

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    I thought the same thing. I think his name is Joe H. but that still doen't ring a bell is an Oregonian or done stuff to make his face known?
    fishing is a family thing and crabbing and camping and...

  6. Default Joe H.

    Joe is a born and raised Alaskan. He is a plumber by trade and certainly may have done some fishing in your neck of the woods, but I don't think he is a regular or OR.



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